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Inspired Habitat Gardens is a social enterprise gardening business operating in Ontario, Canada. Serving clients in the Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Haliburton, North Durham and Simcoe areas.

Services include: 

  • Perennial and native plant gardens: pollinator gardens, rain gardens, xeriscaping, shorelines, vegetable gardens, tree and shrub planting. 

  • Garden maintenance services: weeding, edging, pruning, transplanting, mulching, and watering.   

  • Hand crafted bird houses (nest boxes), and raised beds for vegetable gardens.

*Gas powered landscaping equipment and pesticides are not used in our operations.

Our mission is to add beauty to your property and help nature thrive.  Every habitat garden we create together contributes to the environment by building natural capital for the ecosystem and increases biodiversity.

Looking forward to working with you. 

Happy Gardening! 


Owner and Founder